Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC)

WPTF's WECC Committee (2WC) follows technical, policy, and market developments at the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) and Peak Reliability (the Reliability Coordination company that bifurcated from WECC in 2014).  The 2WC focuses on ensuring that the development of WECC Regional Reliability Standards, and other WECC policies, is done in a manner that both supports grid reliability, while also providing fair treatment to Generator Owners, Generator Operators and Purchasing Selling Entities.  Through the 2WC, WPTF has been influential in supporting the Coordinated Operation of Phase Shifters (COPS) Program, a program administered by WECC which provides both reliability and economic benefits by reducing curtailments in the Western Interconnection. 

In addition to activities at WECC and Peak, the 2WC advocates for broader western energy markets, especially the CAISO's Energy Imbalance Market (EIM).  The 2WC's role in the EIM began in 2008, when it was conceptualized at WECC and continues with advocacy at each EIM Entity (including PacifiCorp and NV Energy).  During the initial implementation of the EIM, WPTF was actively involved in the development of PacifiCorp's rules and regulations.  The 2WC coordinated with WPTF's CAISO Committee to successfully advocate for policies that promote greater EIM participation and equitable treatment for independent generators within the EIM footprint. 

As WECC and Peak move forward in their independent roles, the 2WC will continue to monitor many of their activities, including coordinating with WPTF's GHG Committee on WECC's evaluation of EPA's Clean Power Plan and participating in the development a new curtailment methodology at Peak Reliability.  Furthermore, the 2WC will continue to play an active role in the expansion of markets in the West, through its involvement with EIM Entities and other market initiatives.

Contact Person

Caitlin Liotiris coordinates WPTF’s WECC Committee, which engages on technical, policy, and market developments at WECC and Peak Reliability and also advocates for broader western energy markets, especially the EIM and regional market expansion. Caitlin has over a decade of experience in energy issues in the West and has spent most of those years actively engaged on market development efforts across the WECC footprint. She is skilled in understanding and distilling the interaction of energy policy and energy market dynamics. In addition to her work with WPTF, Caitlin has worked on various energy policy and market related issues throughout the county. Caitlin is currently a member of Peak Reliability’s Member Advisory Committee (MAC) and has also co-authored various reports exploring the benefits of proposed transmission facilities in the West. 

Caitlin Liotiris | Energy Strategies
Office: 801-355-4365 | Cell: 801-891-3081

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