Mexico Electricity Reform Committee

Mexico's sweeping energy reforms of 2013-2014 have critical market implications, both broad and deep, for its electricity, oil, and gas sectors. The deregulation of the 68-gigawatt electricity market has had an especially extensive impact on the state-owned electricity company, Commission Federal de Electricidad (CFE), which had a monopoly in electricity generation, distribution, and retail for more than 75 years. The electricity landscape has changed dramatically.

As a result of the reforms, CFE was split into nine companies. In March 2016, CFE concluded its first long-term power auction in order to secure capacity, energy, and environmental credits for its newly independent retail company and awarded 1,720 megawatts of power-purchase agreements (PPAs) to solar and wind projects. The first-ever Mexican wholesale electricity market was also launched, laying the groundwork for competition and a more diverse generation mix.

There are two key implications for the oil and gas industries. First, reforms have created the opportunity for direct foreign investment in national upstream oil and gas reserves, whose non-conventional resources rank sixth globally. Second, the projected 75% increase in demand for the use of natural gas for power generation by 2030 means there will be greater demand for US natural gas imports and the associated investment in pipeline capacity.

The greatest challenge facing both market incumbents and new entrants is the lack of clarity that will persist while regulations, policies, and procedures are drafted and finalized. The WPTF Mexico Committee helps members understand the current state-of-play as well as foster a competitive and accessible local market. Our committee keeps members informed through bi-monthly conference calls and critical market updates. We also facilitate access and exchanges through industry relationships and in-country meetings. 

Contact Person

The WPTF Mexico Committee Consultant is Anna Raptis. Anna has a global view of the energy industry, her experience includes close to 20 years developing international energy projects including 10 years in Mexico. Her previous roles include Advisor to ATCO Mexico, Country Manager for AES Mexico Development, Commercial Director for TransAlta Mexico.

Anna has significant experience in the development of midstream infrastructure and LNG facilities having worked as a commercial advisor for Oil Search on the development of LNG in Papua New Guinea, commercial advisor for ConocoPhillips in Australia on their Bayu Undan and Sunrise LNG developments, located in Australia and Timor L’este, and advisor to DKRW Energy in Mexico.

Anna holds a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies, a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Adelaide and is a Charted Financial Analyst.

Anna lives in Mexico with her husband and two daughters and loves to travel and participate in triathlons.

Contact details:
Anna Raptis
Raptis Group
tel: +5215548007278 

WG Consulting, represented by Rebecca Bollenbach, is an advisory partner to WPTF's Mexico Committee.

Rebecca Bollenbach serves as a Managing Director at WG Commodity Management Services LLC. In her eighteen years of experience in deregulated power and gas, she has worked closely with a range of clients on systems and process optimization in physical and financial power across ERCOT, SPP, SERC, PJM, CAISO, NYISO, ISO-NE, Ontario, Alberta, and most recently in Mexico. Rebecca has worked with dozens of wholesale, retail, and power trading clients around the design, build and implementation of trading, forecasting, and ETRM systems.

In addition to her consulting experience, she has served as Vice President of Market Advisory for Adapt2 ISO and held several leadership roles at Reliant Energy, including Director of Forecasting. Rebecca currently leverages her knowledge of ISO operations to develop strategies, process and systems to support clients in Mexico's emerging energy markets.

Rebecca Bollenbach
Phone: (832) 338-8929

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